International Advertising Media Services

International Advertising LLC is the only independent media specialist agency in the Middle East to offer professional media planning and buying services for local, regional and international advertisers.

Founded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 1989 by Al Banna Group - comprising over 22 companies dealing in various fields of business such as management consultancy export-import, commercial printing, and similar progressive and diverse business activities with a turnover in excess of US$150 million/year.

Most overseas advertisers are sometimes unaware of the advertising guidelines and censorship regulations that could be unique to each Gulf State, and which could change unexpectedly. Written rules are almost non-existent and one can only know what is acceptable and what is not from experience and an in-depth knowledge of habits, customs and practiced norms. IAMS advises clients on how far one can go on creativity, what is allowed and what are not. 


  • Media consultancy
  • Media Planning
  • Media Placement
  • Media Representation
  • Exhibition Catalogues
  • PR Services
  • Arabic Copywriting
  • Recruitment Advertisement
  • Online Advertising
  • Newspaper

  • Magazine

  • Television

  • Radio

  • Outdoor

  • Cinema

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Media planning and placement in the following countries: (Bahrain,Qatar,Sultanate of Oman,Kuwait, Saudi Arabia , Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Egypt, Morocco , Tunisia and Algeria) including selective media in Asia, North and South Africa, Australia , and Europe .


Advertisers targeting the Middle East usually face the problem of selecting the most cost-effective and efficient media for their marketing efforts. This is usually atttibuted to lack of sufficient information.


Our Media Information Center (MIC) covers the aforementioned 15 Arab countries and Iran, including selective media in Asia, North & South Africa, Australia and Europe